The Importance Of Frontline Training

Most successful retailers set themselves apart by way of the ultimate customer service experience. Shoppers still pay more at Nordstrom’s and other high-end vendors because they feel valued as customers. How has Best Buy managed to stay in business with Amazon taking over the world? They will tell you, ‘people first!’ When you emphasize people before your product, the connection is stronger, the customer is more comfortable, and you are going to be successful! And that emphasis on customers starts with your front-line employees, who are the face of your business, especially in cannabis retail.

The Cannabis retail business is not like a typical retail store. First of all, we’re selling cannabis, which is still taboo to many, and still federally illegal as of March 2020. Cannabis is still finding its place in the mainstream marketplace. Even for customers who have used casually in the past, their knowledge is limited in terms of available product, best use, and overall options. what might be best for their needs and how much they should be taking. Even as a cannabis connoisseur, there is still a lot of uncertainty and variables that go into dosing and the types of delivery systems available for different types of consumers. It can be overwhelming for customers as well as employees servicing these customers. Therefore, putting a focus on cannabis retail employees and preparing them for servicing customers is vital to the success of the store. Without a well-prepared staff, cannabis retail stores will not survive especially in a quickly growing and competitive market.

Setting your team up for success starts with training and development. In the cannabis industry, 35% of employees state their reason for leaving the industry is because of a lack of professional development. As a business owner, a high turnover rate is never a good thing. A disciplined training program will set expectations and hold employees accountable for their learning and production. This will make for an amazing experience for customers. When your employees are confident, customers quickly gain trust in purchasing from your business which adds to increased sales and high customer retention.

A streamlined training program is also essential. Many cannabis retail stores will throw together a few training sheets or use marketing material to train employees. However, it is also crucial to have a process within the training. Following a training methodology will give employees direction and confidence in the business. Whether it is an external training program or one developed in house, business owners must be thorough with training methods and employee feedback. Make sure they feel valued, but also hold them accountable. Set goals as a team, get customer feedback, and engagement is likely to improve tenfold. The bottom line is this: cannabis retail employees are the face of your business. As the industry grows, training your team with a disciplined strategy will ultimately increase profit while improving the perception of the industry as a whole.

Training and development should be a priority of every retail store. An investment in your employees is one of the most important decisions you can make. Need help with developing a training program, let MJ Hybrid Solutions help you and your team. Reach out today to learn more at



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