MJ Hybrid Solutions offers a variety of trainings, online and in person for dispensaries, brands, retailers, colleges, and other companies looking to grow within the cannabis industry. After years of working in the cannabis space we noticed a common theme for companies to overlook the value of training their employees effectively in sales, compliance and product knowledge to better serve their customers so we developed the MJ Hybrid Training System to help businesses and teams successfully meet their customers’ needs while also increasing profitability. MJ Hybrid Solutions works with cannabis businesses throughout the US, Canada and UK to provide training through our online training platform that can be customized to your team needs and we also help and consult with companies to develop customized training content specific to their brand. We specialize in developing content that is streamlined and effective to help your business grow and your employees perform at their best.

Sales Training
The cannabis industry is growing at a fast pace. With new products and new customers it is important to train your staff on effective sales strategies and customer service.

Cannabis Education
It’s critical that employees understand what it is they are selling. With so many different products and ratios, it is not only important to know who they are selling to, but what product might be best for each individual customer’s needs.

We have trained over 10,000 cannabis professionals with over 60 different training modules on the platform. We also provide customized training to meet your teams needs in sales, compliance, education and product knowledge.

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To meet consumer’s needs, employees must be cross trained on cannabis education and effective communication.

Effective communication empowers the sales staff and in turn empowers the consumer.

Customers who feel empowered and confident make repeat purchases and spread the word.

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