Cannabis Sales Training

MJ Hybrid Solutions employs concise and targeted online techniques to maximize the confidence and success of cannabis retail sales professionals. Through step by step training, your team learns the importance of focusing on people, rather than product, and how to build a relationship of trust and loyalty with customers. Active listening tools, asking the right questions, knowing the product, and guiding customers to the best solution for their specific needs encourages informed purchasing decisions, satisfied customers, retention, and referrals.

Insightful Training for Your Cannabis Dispensary & Sales Team

At MJ Hybrid Solutions, we prioritize the customer experience, and educate your sales team in effective strategies to deal with difficult situations, handle resistance, avoid liability, better manage their time, and ensure clients are comfortable and reassured.

Get expert sales and service training for your dispensary team!

We detail the customer benefits of up-selling, explain the partnership between sales and service, and stress importance of a positive overall experience. Sales training from MJ Hybrid Solutions is the key to a productive, composed, and welcoming staff, representative of and effectively promoting your business. Real Results, Real Education for Real Success.