Cannabis Education for Dispensary Staff

Thanks to a growing awareness of the medicinal value of cannabis, the industry is quickly growing. Throughout its use, dating back to ancient times, there has never been a documented case of a death by overdose. The same cannot be said for most medications. Cannabinoids enhance quality of life, increase appetite, alleviate chronic pain, improve sleep, and much more. The potential benefits are only beginning to be realized. However, marijuana is not entirely benign. It is essential to educate and train professionals in the science of cannabis to serve the best interests of customers.

Marijuana Educational Resources

The ECS or endocannabinoid system consists of neuromodulators, their receptors, and signaling pathways which regulate movement, mood, memory, appetite, and pain. The ECS maintains normal cerebral and physiological function, and is tremendously important to health. Cannabinoids, compounds exclusively found in marijuana, interface with the ECS in a way that mirrors the natural process in the body and provides unique benefits. Traditional drugs do not interact with the ECS.

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MJ Hybrid Solutions provides online training for dispensaries, product companies, and all cannabis sales technicians. Strict execution of regulations, product knowledge, and recognizing the customized needs of clients is essential. Understanding the science of cannabis ensures the right questions, the right answers, and a safe, effective, and satisfying solution. Real Results, Real Education for Real Success.