How Cannabis Knowledge Can Mean More Sales for Your Dispensary

As a retailer or salesperson, the importance of product knowledge cannot be overstated, especially if you want to make more sales. An in-depth knowledge of the product is even more important when you own or run a dispensary that sells a controversial product like cannabis. Although cannabis has been shown to provide numerous health benefits, so many people still don’t understand how it works, and have several other concerns.

This means that many of your potential customers would need more information about cannabis, and without the proper knowledge of cannabis and the different cannabis products you carry, it will be difficult to convince them to buy a cannabis product. Therefore, as a cannabis dispensary, it is essential that you and your sales reps have a vast knowledge of cannabis so that your customers trust you enough to buy from you.

3 Ways Cannabis Knowledge Increases Your Sales Conversion Rate

Cannabis knowledge is an important factor that influences your sales conversion rate, because customers need to see that you know what you are selling before they can buy. Outlined below are the three main ways in which a robust and up-to-date cannabis knowledge can translate to more sales for your cannabis dispensary.

1. Increases Customer’s Enthusiasm

Having all the possible answers your customers may have regarding cannabis and the different cannabis products you sell can increase your customers’ enthusiasm and prompt them to buy. This is because, providing all the information they require to show your customers that you indeed know and believe in what you are selling, as well as remove any uncertainty they might have regarding it. The only way to go about having all the required information at your fingertips is by extensively studying everything about cannabis, including its benefits, forms, consumption methods and so on.

2. Enhances Product Confidence

One of the main reasons why most customers are unwilling to complete a sales journey is because the retailer or sales rep is unable to convince them, beyond a doubt, why they should buy their products. Most times, the reason why this happens can easily be attributed to a lack of adequate product information on the part of the sales rep. For instance, it might be impossible to sell cannabis to a person suffering from chronic pain, without knowing exactly how cannabis achieves this. However, when you can say with certainty how cannabis provides pain relief, the customer’s confidence in the product is heightened, which can lead to them making a purchase.

3. Outsells Your Competition

Lastly, knowing every single thing about your cannabis can help outsell your competition, especially as it is a very competitive niche. Having in-depth information about the cannabis products you sell, in terms of its value, price or benefits can be used as a marketing tool to outsell your competition. Sometimes, merely knowing that some of the important properties contained in your cannabis products are lacking in those of your competitors, is enough to swing prospective customers to your side.

Having cannabis knowledge as a cannabis dispensary store can help you make a lot more sales in different ways, as explained above. Thus, as a cannabis dispensary store, you should train your sales reps specifically in product knowledge, so that you not only make more sales but become a leading expert in the business.

From what cannabis is and how it works, to extraction methods and proper dosage, MJ Hybrid Solutions can educate your cannabis dispensary staff on all they need to know about cannabis and cannabis products, in order to make more sales for your dispensary. Fill the form below to request for a free demo.

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