Essential Sales Skills for the Success of Your Cannabis Dispensary Store

With every passing day your cannabis dispensary store is getting more competitors, and at risk of losing sales. This is because the high demand for cannabis products has led to a continuous rise in cannabis dispensaries catering to the increasing demand for both medicinal and recreational uses. Therefore, you must up your sales game by making sure that you and/or your cannabis sales professionals, popularly known as budtenders, possess the essential sales skills to make more sales for your store.

Top 3 Sales Skills Every Budtender Should Have

Budtenders are the first personnel your customers will come in contact with when they enter your cannabis dispensary. Their main job description is to answer the questions your customers may have regarding cannabis, offer cannabis products recommendations and advice on the products’ safety and dosage. Thus, for such an important sales role, it is essential that your budtenders have the right sales skills required to do this job. Explained below are some of the essential sales skills they should possess to ensure the success of your cannabis dispensary store.

1. Customer Service

Customer service is the most important sales skills a budtender should have, as it enables you to know your customers and their needs. Thus, when a prospective customer walks into your dispensary to purchase a cannabis product, your budtender should be able to provide exceptional customer service that makes your customers feel esteemed, encourages them to purchase your product and revisit your dispensary. This means, asking the right questions, in a cheerful and friendly manner to understand their needs better, as well as offering adequate solutions to their problem. All of these actions can lead to customer satisfaction, which is a crucial factor in most successful businesses. Even if the customer does not eventually purchase from your store, the outstanding customer service may encourage them to purchase at a later date.

Product Knowledge

It is almost impossible to be a successful salesperson without having an in-depth knowledge of the products to be sold. Therefore, cannabis knowledge is another important skill a budtender should have, to successfully sell cannabis and cannabis products. Having a vast knowledge of cannabis as well as its related compounds will equip budtenders with the information most customers require when they walk into the dispensary. A salesperson that is unable to provide proper information to customers due to lack of knowledge can cause your dispensary to lose valuable customers, as unanswered questions about a product as controversial as cannabis will make the customer skeptical about buying.


When a budtender does not believe in the cannabis products on sale in your dispensary, there is no way s/he can convince your customers to buy. Therefore, being enthusiastic about whatever cannabis product you are selling is an essential sales skill for your dispensary’s success. Customers need to see that your budtenders are enthusiastic about the products on offer, in order to go ahead and make a purchase. In addition to this, budtenders also have to be able to speak the right things, in the right tones, and have a certain charm so that they can customers can feel at ease and trust them. Based on this, having an outspoken or extroverted personality can be an added advantage.

These are some of the sales skills your budtenders should possess, to convert more prospects to paying customers. Without these important sales skills, dispensary employees might face challenges or make costly mistakes that will affect the success of your cannabis dispensary. Therefore, to be successful in the cannabis dispensary business, it is crucial that your budtenders are trained to have these skills.

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