4 Tips for Training Cannabis Dispensary Staff

One of the simplest ways to make more sales at your cannabis dispensary is by making sure your cannabis dispensary staff or budtenders are properly trained. Besides the fact that they won’t be able to sell cannabis and cannabis products effectively, without proper training, your budtenders may recommend the wrong product or dosage, which can lead to serious consequences for the customers and your business.

Therefore, it is of utmost importance that your cannabis dispensary staff undergo training before they begin to interact with customers, to forestall any unfortunate scenarios such as cannabis overdose. The following are some tips which can help you in training your dispensary staff so that they are adequately equipped to sell cannabis to your customers.

1. Encourage Strict Compliance to Cannabis Rules

When training your staff, it is important that they understand how important it is to adhere to cannabis compliance rules within your state. Complying with cannabis compliance rules is an essential factor which cannabis dispensary employees need to be made aware of. This means ensuring accurate reporting, inventory procedures, labeling, SOP and so on. Failure to comply with the cannabis rules where your dispensary is located can lead to the loss of its license. Also, note that these rules might vary from one state to another, so be sure to check within the state you are domiciled in.

2. Teach Sales Techniques

Cannabis dispensary staff should also be taught the various sales methods to use when engaging with customers. This is because customers are always at different stages of the sales journey, and so different sales techniques will be required to meet their individual needs. Therefore, dispensary staff will need to understand the kind of customer they are dealing with, in order to determine which sales technique to use. When employees are taught different sales techniques, they can meet the particular needs of each customer.

3. Advocate for Customers’ Needs

When it comes to cannabis, not many people have the right information. Also, due to the reputation it has gotten over the years, a lot of people are skeptical about trying it. Therefore, it is the job of your dispensary staff to enlighten such customers on the products’ benefits, how they are consumed or grown, the differences between the strains or products and more. However, few staffs have the patience or temperament to assist such customers, which is why during their training, they must be taught how to deal with different customers.

4. Product Knowledge

Lastly, during training, dispensary staff need to be taught extensively on cannabis as a whole. The basic knowledge of cannabis is not enough to do the job, which is why they also need to learn about every single product in the store, as well as know the effects that they can have on customers. Nevertheless, the training can start with the basics of cannabis and gradually work up to the uses and benefits customers stand to gain from the different products in the store. Streamlining the training this way will help your staff understand better and set up your dispensary for its eventual success.

These tips are essential for training your dispensary staff. Incorporating them into your employee training programs will make your employees better suited at the jobs, which directly translates to the success of your cannabis dispensary.

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